Monthly Bookkeeping

We can assist you with proper bookkeeping methods and procedures to deliver quality financial statements and simplify year-end reporting and tax compliance.  We are certified Quickbooks Advisors and have extensive experience developing effective chart of accounts and internal controls for various business types.

Year-end Accounting

We can assist you with year-end closing entries and proper adjustments to allocate accruals, deferrals, depreciation, and amortization for maximum tax savings.  We are Accredited Business Accounts and have extensive experience with various business types and industries.

Performance Accounting

Let us take your accounting to a whole new level with specialized management accounting techniques to deliver operational results.  Understanding your financial performance and how to leverage that information to improve specific business functions is a critical element to business success. 

Payroll Management

Payroll is a complex process filled with risks and pitfalls.  Let us handle your payroll management and compliance so you can focus on what you do best.  We handle all aspects of payroll to include direct deposits, PTO accruals, monthly tax deposits, quarterly and annual tax filings, and annual W2 and 1099 processing.  We also provide detailed payroll reporting and integrate with most accounting software packages.

Business Structures

We can assist you to determine the optimal business structure for your unique situation.  We have extensive knowledge in strategic business planning to maximize liability protection while minimizing tax liability and risk.  We have extensive referral resources for business attorneys, estate planning attorneys, and retirement planning specialists.  Let us guide you down the right path!

Organizational Development

Culture is a critical element to business success.  Let us help you develop and implement a unique culture in your business to drive productivity, efficiency, and success.  Our approach is employee-centered and promotes employee job satisfaction and retention.  Let us help you reach the next level of success in your business.